July 12th, 2014

A Rainy Summer Day

As the old song goes: if you want the rainbow, you must have the rain — and that’s certainly what we got. Hopefully everyone has dried off by now, following this year’s wetter-than-usual Twinkle Park Summer Festival, which was a lovely time, despite the less than perfect weather!  The day started out bright, but the first sign of trouble came as the wind whipping through the canyon was a little too strong for one of our marquee tents, which, after many years faithful service has been consigned to the dust bin.

Fortunately, the rain held off for the day’s first official duties. As man of you know, we have lost two great friends and colleagues over the past year, so we were delighted to be joined by friends and family of Jim Murray  and Richard Macvicar to unveil a commemorative plaque in their honour as we celebrate the completion of the master plan in Charlotte Turner Gardens. Both were long serving trustees, involved in the local area for many years, and who have contributed a great deal to the spirit of the park and gardens, so it is most fitting for them to be remembered in such a way.

The final part of the recent works in Charlotte Turner Gardens was then ceremonially completed, as the children’s playground was opened by former Twinkle Park Trustee, Councillor and Mayor of Greenwich, David Grant (cutting what was, admittedly, a somewhat improvised ribbon). We were also honoured by the attendance of the Mayor and Mayoress Cllr Mick Hayes & Gillian Hayes, and Davida Allen, on behalf of Veolia Environmental Trust, who provided the grant which enabled the playground project to be completed.

Photo of the commemorative plaque for Twinkle Park Trustees Jim Murray and Richard MacVicarPhotograph of the Viking Ship in Charlotte Turner Gardens



Photograph of the opening of the Charlotte Turner Gardens playground
Back in Twinkle Park, activity levels rose to the sound of DJ Stormy, followed by the wonderfully vibrant Heart of Steel orchestra. All of this was as ever, powered by the volunteers running the Pimm’s o’Clock station and the cafe, as well as the much needed addition this year of a barbecue, which kept everyone well-fed.
Photo of Heart of Steel orchestra performing at Twinkle Park Summer Festival 2014
Photograph of Marq Kearey's pond themed screen printing
Photograph of sausages on the barbecue
Photograph of picnicking family at Twinkle Park
One of the nice things about the summer festival over the past few years has been the relaxed atmosphere and being able to while away an afternoon, enjoying being outside and doing things. As the music played, there were several distinct games of football going on in the playground, alongside attempts at hula-hooping, whilst over towards the pond some more sedate activities were taking place. Trustee Marq had prepared some pond life-themed screen prints to pull, whilst Drew and Ross from Assembly at the Old Tidemill School helped craft masks all afternoon.
dfgs Photograph of Assembly SE8's mask-making
Photograph of Games down the ages at Twinkle Park Summer Festival
Photograph of Twinkle Park Summer Festival 2014
The final attraction of the day was the latin jazz sound of Havana Good Time, and they did their best to play through the rain — even when the speakers started to buzz from the drips through the roof of the ‘waterproof’ marquee. The rain lasted for around an hour, and sadly brought about the early close of the festival, as we left the marquees to drip-dry inside the school and went home wet but happy, looking forward to next year.
Photo of a child at Twinkle Park Summer FestivalPhoto of bunting around the pond at Twinkle Park
Photo of a girl playing on the stones in Twinkle Park
Photo of a dog at the Summer Festival
Twinkle Park Trust would like to give great thanks to…
All at Greenwich Parksfest, Cllr Mick Hayes & Gillian Hayes (Mayor and Mayoress of the Royal Borough of Greenwich), David Grant & Ann Grant, Cllrs Aidan Smith & Matthew Pennycook, Jagir Sekhon, Ian & Sheila and all Mac’s family & friends, Jim Murray’s friends and several generations of family members!, Teddy Perry, Davida Allen and Veolia Environmental Trust, John Perry and Jackie for feeding everyone with the barbecue, Patrick Gardner (DJ Stormy), Heart of Steel Orchestra, Havana Good Time (who brought some sun through very heavy rain!), Annie Phipps & friends for running the games and starting several football matches, Ellie Phipps & friends for their face-painting, Ross & Drew from Assembly for the mask-making workshop, Faye & Marilyn who served up Pimms all day, our local police officers for supporting the community event, Lucy for taking all the photographs,Jo, Andrew, Vicky, Anthony, Elaine, Marq, Bridget and Carol for their work in organising everything, and everyone who came along!!!

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