The Trust

Twinkle Park Trust is responsible for managing both Twinkle Park and Charlotte Turner Gardens. It succeeded Twinkle Park Steering Group, established in 1993, to form a local management group comprising local residents and tenants, community organisations and local authority stakeholders of two parks. The Trust was formally constituted as a limited company in 1999 and a charity in 2004.

A photograph of a broom on the pagoda at Twinkle Park, Deptford

Between 1993 and 1996 the Trust produced a master plan for redevelopment of the two open spaces in full consultation with the local community establishing a secure pedestrian neighbourhood with the local primary school at its centre, able to provide for the needs of a mixed cultural neighbourhood.

Trust Membership is drawn from amongst local tenants and resident, other voluntary organisations, including arts organisations, the Greenwich IYSS, local businesses and ward councillors. There is provision for 3 co-options. At present there are 9 members and there is no upper limit. The executive committee, elected from amongst the Trust members, can be between 5 and 17 members.