In 2010 the Trust produced two cultural festivals: 2010 Parksfest ‘Musical Sounds’ as part of Greenwich Parksfest, in July and a “Winter Solstice Festival’ in December. These two festivals were funded through Greenwich Parks Forum and Capital Community Foundation.

Trust members and other members of the local community supported two clean up programmes in 2010 one in July.

Funds were raised from London 2012 Changing Community Fund to undertake a replanting programme for Twinkle Park. The intention is to involve young people who attend IYSS and Hughes Fields & Henrietta Young People’s project activities. This will take place in March 2011.

A mesh fence was erected above the Rowley House Boundary wall to the west of Twinkle Park, to protect residents from ball games and to maintain the use of the park for sports activities.

The games markings were also repainted.

Both these activities were funded through monies raised from Greenwich Council Housing and Education departments and the Trust.