Charlotte Turner Gardens

Our ‘village green’ of sorts, Charlotte Turner Gardens is a wide-open green area, perfect for walking along the tree-lined path towards the river, or up towards Twinkle Park. It is a prime spot for taking some air, walking the dog, doing some exercise, or simply sitting and enjoying the Cherry Blossom in the spring.┬áThe gardens opened in 2005, and feature a long path which runs from McMillan Street up to Benbow Street and Invicta Primary School. Along the way is a mini exercise trail, and a family seating area for those in need of a rest, and a toddler’s playground.

A photograph of purple crocuses

After a series of consultations with local residents, a range of improvements to Charlotte Turner Gardens were completed in summer 2014, providing a more pleasant experience for all who use the area, and a number of additional facilities to cater for all ages, hopefully making the gardens a place where the whole community can spend time together.

The toddler’s playground was made possible thanks to a grant made for the project by Veolia Environmental Trust.

A photograph of Charlotte Turner Gardens