March 20th, 2013

Improvements to Charlotte Turner Gardens

The recent AGM of the Twinkle Park Trust saw the completed master plan for the refurbishment of Charlotte Turner Gardens, produced by Ireland Albrecht┬álandscape architects. The contracts will soon be put to tender, and we hope that work will be completed in time for this year’s summer holidays.

The plans have been made with the consultation of local residents and park users at every stage, and will result in a much-improved, open, friendly place for the whole community. The improvements can be viewed in detail via the Charlotte Turner Gardens page of the website, and are available to download as a PDF (Charlotte Turner Gardens Plan).

We are very much looking forward to opening of the new Gardens, and will keep everyone updated here. We would welcome any comments about the plans.


UPDATE 11th April 2013: Due to the availability of an additional funding stream for the proposed toddler’s playground, a decision has been taken to delay the work until the end of the summer; this will enable two distinct phases of work to be undertaken at the same time. Further news will be posted on the website when it becomes available.

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