February 25th, 2014

Mac (Richard MacVicar)

Photograph of Mac

Sadly Mac (Richard MacVicar) died on Wednesday 12th February.
His passing was comfortable and anticipated but nevertheless the loss of a dear friend and colleague.

His funeral will take place at
Honor Oak Crematorium, Brenchley Gardens, Brockley, London SE23 3RD
on Thursday March 6th at 1.45pm.

(Map below)

This will be followed by a gathering at the Dog and Bell around 3pm.

Everybody welcome, but no flowers please.

Mac has been an invaluable member of Twinkle Park Trust since 2002, providing staunch support of the Trust, considered critique and practical help in all things big and small. Often his stern countenance would suddenly be swept aside by a smile the width of Deptford High Street’s length and he was always available to put up uncontrollable marquee’s,dig out compost heaps,plant new bushes or impart pearls of wisdom and information.

Mac we salute you dear friend.

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