October 2nd, 2013

Our friend, Jim Murray

Sadly Jim Murray passed away in September and we have lost a wonderful friend, a keen raconteur and a staunch supporter of Twinkle Park Trust and our local community.

Jim was part of the original group who strived to develop Twinkle Park and Charlotte Turner Gardens to better provide for local people’s needs and aspirations by constructing a beautiful park in place of the derelict Hughes Fields Recreation Ground, replaced for a while by a tarmac kick-about space.

Jim would tell great stories of his children using the swings and roundabout and it was from Jim that Twinkle Park gained its name, as being the name of Mrs. Twinkle, superintendent of the recreation ground. A story he retold frequently also with a twinkle in his eye.

Jim was one of the original signatories to the company Twinkle Park Trust Ltd and was chair of the Trust until 2011 when he stepped down and was elected Honorary Trustee.

In July 2004 Jim signed the 30 year lease of Twinkle Park and Charlotte Turner Gardens by the Trust from Greenwich Council. In a celebration event Jim presented a certificate and a box of 9 peppercorns to Mayor Cllr O’Sullivan and his Mayoress.

Photograph of Jim Murray with the Mayor of Greenwich

Throughout the 15 years he was involved with the Trust Jim not only steered the Trust through its many and often taxing meetings but was always to be found at the summer and winter festivals and at the various openings that marked the construction of the two Parks as they slowly developed.

Jim will be sorely missed.

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