October 17th, 2013

Pond water

Something unexpected happened yesterday. In spite of the ceaseless trudge of the seasons: the shortening days, dropping temperature and, most pointedly, the rain, it was discovered yesterday that the Twinkle Park pond was all but dry, having rapidly drained. One of our trustees discovered the situation and took immediate steps to begin an investigation.

We are very grateful of the prompt assistance from various members of staff at Greenwich Council, who have responded to the problem by sending out a team of surveyors and contractors, who are attempting to find the cause of the drainage and to resolve the problem, as well as consider any potential associated issues.

The bed of the pond is now being cleared to allow further investigation, and we hope to have some news very soon on further action, which will be relayed via the website and Twitter.

The pond is of course a much loved feature of the parks and home to a wide range of wildlife – from the family of moorhens to all the creatures regularly discovered in the pond dipping sessions, so the matter is being handled as a high priority. We would once again like to thank all who have assisted so far in working to solve the problem and safeguard the pond and park.


Update 21/10/13

Greenwich Parks have cleared the pond weed from the bottom of the pond in order that we might see the source of damage. They started Wednesday afternoon and continued throughout Thursday.

On Thursday, Greenwich Parks department met the council’s water response contractor, who then repaired the pond refill system and installed an extra valve between the mains and the pond.

Thames Water visited the site on Friday to see why the water pressure between the mains and the pond refill was very low. They found a faulty valve on Saturday afternoon which they repaired and restored the water pressure.

The top-up  system was been left turned on at full pressure since then but this morning had not made any noticeable difference to the water level.

Investigations are underway as to the possibility of damage to the membrane which lines the pond, and what could have caused such damage.

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