September 20th, 2014

Twinkle Park Pond Update

You may recall that over the night of October 16th 2013 all the water in Twinkle Park’s pond disappeared . Everyone was aghast for that amount of water to disappear so rapidly needed either an earthquake or a large tanker siphoning the water away.

Over the following weeks the Trust asked as many professionals to give their opinion on how the water may have escaped. United House, British Gas, Thames Water, Rawell Environmental Ltd -manufacturers of the special liner the holds the water in, Royal Greenwich Parks department, Warwick Landscape Ltd.

We tried refilling the pond first from the top-up system being left to flow for 48 hours and then by United House emptying their rain water collection into the pond. That was a lot of water as it was a very wet winter. All to no avail.

Greenwich Parks department helped the Trust excavate one section of the pond to see if the liner had split apart, but it was intact.

Finally we employed a company called ‘Stratascan’ in July this year to undertake an GPR survey – Ground Penetrating Radar. This has indicated no great holes under the pond that might have caused the loss of water. It has identified two special ‘areas of interest’. We are now discussing how we will excavate these areas to see if they give us a clue as to the cause of the water disappearing. This will happen in October.

Once we have this information the Trust will undertake fundraising to pay for the reinstallation of the pond and hope this will be achieved as soon as possible.

At present the ‘pond’ is somewhat more of a meadow – boasting a beautiful crop of ‘Purple Loosestrife’, so at least it is hosting all sorts of life – but hopefully it will recover its watery qualities before too long.

We will let you know what happens next.


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